Ten House Seats


Organizational / Vision Meeting

Saturday Nov. 20th, 1:30, West Egg Cafe (1168 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318; phone: (404) 872-3973. Please comment or email me if you plan to attend. Thanks!


The Problem

Democrats have controlled the legislature for decades. Several years ago, the Republicans took over the Senate. But Christian Coalition legislation could still be blocked by the House or vetoed by the Governor. Then Sonny Perdue was elected governor. But still, right wing legislation could be killed in committee on the House side.

In 2004, riding on Bush's coattails, the Republicans gained control over the House. Now there is nothing blocking the conservative fundamentalists in the Georgia legislature.

This could have been prevented. Prior to this election, Democrats held 113 out of 190 seats. Now the Republicans only hold 96 seats, winning some of the seats by only a few hundred votes.

The Republican takeover is driven in part by Georgia's continued drift rightward. This seems to be driven by voters believing they are supporting moral values. However, we believe the legislation that will be enacted in Georgia under Republican control will be anything but moral.

The Vision

We are proposing the formation of a movement driven by two initial related components - a political action committee focused on the 2006 election cycle and a website that tracks the '05 and '06 legislative session with a focus on personal narratives that draw out the extreme proposals considered by our legislators.

The PAC:The exclusive focus of the PAC will be supporting the Democratic candidate in ten house races that we believe will be extremely close and where we believe we can have the greatest impact. Georgia's legislative districts are very small - 190 state wide. Few people pay attention to the races. Quite often, people who follow national politics cannot tell you who their state representative is. Because the districts are small the races overlooked, a little money and a few additional volunteers go a long way.

The Website:The website will be a tool to raise awareness of the importance of and support for re-gaining control of the Georgia House. However, we anticipate and we hope that the process will generate far greater results, helping Georgians hold politicians accountable to their constituents and helping to support and just and equitable society.

Sign me up! Pledge your support!

To help win back the Georgia House, we are hoping to raise $20,000 and have 2,000 campaign volunteer hours committed.

If 100 people pledge $200 and 20 hours, we'll reach ourgoal.

Please pledge any amount of money or time or both in comments. If you're uncomfortable posting, send an email to AMKnight3@yahoo.com, and I'll add it to our tally.

Organizational Structure / Name

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Website Content / Format

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Other Local Organizations to Consider

Ten House Seats isn't striking your fancy but you want to get involved politically? Or want to do more? Consider these groups:

www.redclaydemocrats.com - Young professional Georgia Democrats (typically 25-35ish) getting involved in grassroots activities and in Democratic party politics. They host monthly networking happy hour events, frequently featuring prominent Georgia elected officials, and have a PAC that also donates to marginal Georgia races, particularly state house & state senate, with a preference for fresh faces. Definitely sign up for their mailing list, and if you are considering running for office one day, absolutely get active with this group.

Young Democrats - national group affiliated with the Democratic Party, with local groups. It's the rough equivalent of College Republicans, with campus chapters for college students. However, there are also county chapters that are more typically the post-college crowd. Smaller and therefore more intimate than Red Clay, but without the impact. Still a good step to party involvement. (www.georgiaparty.com, and look for YD info)

Democratic Party, particularly at the county level. I would think this would be particularly rewarding if you live in a county like Cobb or Gwinnett. www.georgiaparty.com

Georgia's WIN List (Women in Numbers) (www.georgiawinlist.com) is a PAC similar to the national group Emily's List (Early Money is Like Yeast - early donations for female candidates for Congress). WIN List supports pro-choice pro-women Democratic candidates who are themselves women through donations and candidate trianing.

NARAL Pro Choice Georgia (www.garal.org) and Georgia Planned Parenthood (www.ppga.org) are pro-choice groups who lobby in Georgia. Pro Choice Georgia has a PAC that supports pro-choice candidates. Definitely sign up for both group's email action alerts.

Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence (www.gcadv.org) - they aren't involved in campaigns but lobby vigorously, and have cross-aisle appeal. Unfortunately I can't find a way to sign up for legislative alerts.

League of Conservation Voters in Georgia (www.gavoters.com) lobbies and is involved in elections for the Georgia General Assembly. There is also a PAC that supports candidates on environmental issues.

Georgia Rural Urban Summit (www.georgiasummit.org) - this is an umbrella group with a great message, but in my experiences back in '97 it was a cat herding experience of the worst order. They have a comprehensive list of progressive groups in Georgia. http://georgiasummit.org/resources/progressives/prog_local.htm
They do monitor legislation well, but it hasn't been updated since 2002. No joke.

Any other recommendations?